Catholic Parish of Napier


Parish Staff

Parish Priest: Father Barry Scannell SM

Assistant Priest: Father Damian Caccioppoli SM

Assistant Priest: Father Chris Martin SM

Parish Administrator: Bernadette Wilson

Pastoral Coordinator: Sr Helen O’Sullivan RNDM

Parish Pastoral Council

Fr Barry Scannell SM

Finance Committee

Tuesday before the 20th of the month

Liturgy Committee

Third Thursday of the month

Parish Finance Committee

Barry Coffey (Chairperson)

Gary Sloan

Chris Comber

Sue Peacock

Fr Barry Scannell SM

Parish Liturgy Committee

Pam Bartlett

Eseta Penitito

Ray Downing

Patricia Donovan

Sr Helen O’Sullivan RNDM (Chairperson)

Fr Chris Martin SM

Fr Barry Scannell SM

Judith Sharman

Shirley Paget