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Catholic Parish of Napier
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St Thomas More
92 Wycliffe Street, Onekawa
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Care of Creation

One of the main goals of the Care of Creation group is to inform our parishioners about what they can do to honour the call made by Pope Francis in his encyclical Laudato Si’ to look after our planet and the people on it much better than we have done lately. To achieve this the group:
  • Started with ourselves, changing our own consumer habits – for example eating less meat; using less rubbish bags by more recycling; stop accepting plastic bags at the supermarket; turn off appliances at the wall, etc.
  • Regularly publishes an eco-tip or an inspiring statement from Laudato Si’ in the parish newsletter.
  • Organised a formation day on eco spirituality in March 2017, given by Fr. Neil Vaney SM and attended by over 25 parishioners.
  • Held “Save the environment and save money” eco fairs. Over the months of April, May and June 2017, we visited each church community in the parish, with a set of six tables, each with a topic with lots of tips to save both money and the environment.

For more information on this see Care of Creation Eco Fair

The group has also undertaken a number of actions to help the environment. We:

  • Joined the Anglican community for beach clean ups.
  • Talked with parish staff on how we could reduce wasteful consumption in the parish.
  • Completed a comprehensive eco-audit of the Parish buildings with recommendations how we could reduce the impact on the environment in the use of these buildings.
  • Helped organise the first World Day of Prayer Service for the Care of Creation, 1st of September 2016. This has become an annual event in our Parish.


Results of Beach Clean

In October 2015 a large number of parishioners attended two workshops on a new encyclical: Laudato Si' – On Care for Our Common Home. This encyclical letter on ecology and climate was issued by Pope Francis in May 2015. Its key messages are that we need to take the ecological crisis seriously and that it is our duty to care for God's creation as its stewards, not its owners. This requires an ecological conversion and move away from the current throwaway culture.

In December 2015 a number of people who wanted to keep Pope Francis' message alive, set up a “Care of Creation” parish group. Its purpose was twofold. First, to support each other in living out the simpler, less environmentally damaging lifestyle Pope Francis is calling for. Second to find ways to encourage the whole parish to understand – through education, formation and prayer - that care for our common home is an authentic part of living out our faith. At the end of each year the Care of Creation group produces a work plan.

In September 2016 the parish promulgated its Vision and Mission. It includes: “to be wise stewards of God's creation”.

In April 2017 the Care of Creation group accepted the Parish Pastoral Council's request to help it develop and implement a plan to encourage action for the environment as part of the faith life of every parishioners.

Some achievements are the inaugural World Day of Prayer for the Care of Creation service, as called for by Pope Francis. This has become an annual event. Other achievements include the organisation of a formation seminar on eco spirituality, the Care of Creation Expo held at all three faith communities of the parish; beach cleaning activities twice a year with the Anglican Cathedral; a detailed audit of the buildings of the parish from a eco point of view; change in our behaviour with regards to energy use and minimising waste.